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Online tutorials with trained academics

Tailored to your needs, ability and schedule

Many people wish to pursue education independently, working with a trained academic via personal tutorials in an informal setting. Our bespoke online courses for adults ensure academically rigorous, in-depth coverage of your chosen subject through direct contact with experienced, qualified tutors. Often, you will be working with Dr. Orton herself – read about her background and approach here. You will have the option to:


- Choose from one of our pre-written academic courses (tailored to the duration and intensity of your choosing) with the option to request additional content or combine one or more courses. 

- Request a course that is specifically designed for you: specify the subject, duration of the course, number of contact hours per week, independent study time and level of difficulty. 

- Request occasional ad hoc tutorials on the subject of your choosing. 

- Intellectual sparring sessions can be incorporated into any of our courses or commissioned independently. These are designed to sharpen your ability to develop and defend an argument, examine the arguments of others on an equal footing – regardless of respective levels of education – and to scrutinise your own ideas.


Browse our pre-written online courses in Anthropology, Classics, History, Intellectual, Cultural and Art History, Philosophy, Politics, Religious Studies, and our unique Interdisciplinary courses for inspiration – then let us know how we can create your ideal course of study! Contact us for a free consultation to get started. 

How it Works
Indepedent Learners Case Studie

Case Studies

Click through the slides to read about some of the independent learners we've worked with and read their testimonials!


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